Shyla Jennings

About Shyla Jennings

Shyla Jennings is a pornstar who was born in Stuttgart, Germany to a US soldier and was moved to Texas where she grew up all of her life. She describes her sex life as pretty wild and calls herself a nymphomaniac. Some of her memorable sexual experiences prior to her pornstar career was having sex outside next to a department store with people walking and driving past. Another was when she had sex on top of her car right in front of her apartment building.

In 2009 Shyla began her adult entertainment career and did some rope fetish films for FM Concepts including "Damsels Dressed in Costumes and Ropes" in which she has a non-sexual role. She wears a tight corset and is going to get some photographs taken when the photographer decides she would look better bound and trussed. One of her first sexual roles was in the Hustler Video film "Barely Legal 102" in 2010. She has a lesbian scene with costar Tiffany Star in the movie and she also appears as the DVD cover girl.
All of Shyla Jennings’ performances to date have been either solo masturbation, lesbian or non-sex roles in bondage and fetish movies. While she doesn't call herself fully bisexual, she does consider herself to be very bi-curious which seems to certainly be the case. Although she does have sex with men off the screen in her personal life, it's just not something that she's been willing to do yet in her professional career.
Ms. Jennings performs in a few different series for the lesbian film company Girlfriends Films. She has performed in several episodes of "Net Skirts", "Please Make Me Lesbian", "Road Queen" and "Women Seeking Women" through 2012 and probably into the future as well. She is very well known among fans of lesbian and petite porn. While her fans would love for her to branch out into some male / female hardcore roles, it's not clear at this time if she will do so.
Shyla Jennings is still an active performer with more than 80 films under her belt as of this time. With no retirement plans, she may very well be just getting started in a long career which would make fans all over the world happy.







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