Victoria White

About Victoria White

A bubbly and engaging blonde bombshell, Victoria White is a pornstar who has had a charmed career in XXX film.  Before shooting her first movie, Victoria had her prospective agency arrange for her to visit a XXX porn shoot so she could see with her own eyes what the work environment would be like if she decided to perform as she had heard various rumors about porn work and wanted to see for herself what it was like before committing to participate.  As it turned out she saw how professional and respectful the cast and crew were, and could barely sit still while sitting off-camera and observing the scene being shot.  Victoria desperately wanted to pull off her clothes and join in on the action.  It was at that point that she was sure that fucking and sucking on film was her destiny.

Her very first scene was for Vivid Entertainment’s feature “Brand New Faces”, which unusually meant that Victoria’s first outing in porn was with a big time studio, rather than the the normal career path of aspiring pornstars which involves doing many low pay, low budget amateur sex flicks, hoping to pay enough dues to someday gain a role in a premiere-grade production.  Victoria simply started out at the top echelon the profession and has never left.  Looking at this hottie it’s not hard to see why she was able to bypass the “normal” slowly building career path.  Standing at 5’9” with near-perfect measurements of 36C-23-26 and possessing the face of angel, Victoria is one of the hottest women in the industry and her exceptionally good looks fortunately have not resulted in a performer who doesn’t feel the need to turn in a solid performance, while she looks like a “10” she fucks like a “2”, demonstrating an enthusiasm for her roles that borders on pathological which has gained her many fans including industry insiders who have made her a casting favorite.
Her porn performances have afforded this primo cocksocket a jet-setting lifestyle, often being whisked off to exotic locales to appear in her next big budget film.  In one week, she went from her home base in Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a shoot then on to Miami, Florida for another on camera fuck-fest.  While in Miami, Victoria participated in a porn poker tournament which she co-hosted with fellow pornstar Shy Love.  The tournament was of course filmed and featured a unique combination of high stakes gambling and hardcore fucking, and once shooting was wrapped, she was back on a plane to Los Angeles, to resume her anything but mundane usual workload.
Her looks have allowed her to also perform in softcore and lingerie scenes, but not to worry Porn Tube won’t waste your time with soft-focus scenes of Victoria frolicking in her underwear, instead we have a selection of over 130 of Victoria’s hottest hardcore action scenes, all available instantly for your immediate viewing.







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